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Our team at Center for Digestive Health reflects the high level of expertise and passion we have in helping patients with problems of the digestive system. Our goal is to help you discover the power of a healthy gut while providing you with an incredible experience. To accomplish this, the first thing we do is to listen. We sit down with you and make sure that we understand all your concerns, needs and desires as they pertain to your digestive health. We believe that early diagnosis, appropriate lifestyle changes and medications can treat most ailments of the gut. Each member of our team is committed to meeting your needs in a gentle, professional and caring manner.

Our Doctors & Staff

What our patients say

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    I have been impressed with Dr. Karnam and feel he does care about me as a patient in the way he has handled my procedures and diagnoses. He has a great bedside manner and is overall a very kind, caring doctor. I would highly recommend him.

    Leeann, Patient

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    My husband and I both had good experiences with Dr. Karnam. He is very professional and had good assessment skills. He recommended follow-up for other problems. He has a good sense of humor to put you at ease. Highly recommended

    Mary Ann, Patient

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    By the time of the colonoscopy begins the worse is over. Dr. Karnam is great. Good sense of humor which is needed.

    Kathleen, Patient

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    You know you should get it done (colonscopy), and Dr Karman is the doctor to do it. My wife and I both had great experiences with him.

    Dave Abbott, Patient

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    Dr. Karnam diagnosed me with Celiac's after years of seeing regular doctors. I have since been to see him for followup. He is always intelligent and thorough, and is a wonderful and delightful human being.

    Valerie Hayes, Patient

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    Simply the best! Got me ready and fit to fight (I'm in the military). I recommend him to all and any with ulcerative colitis!

    Form-VII, Patient

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    Finding Dr. Karnum was like finding a hidden gem! He is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious. The care he has given me has been superior. I can't thank him enough for his professionalism, sensitivity and personal dedication for providing the finest possible care to me and his many other patients.

    Neill, Patient

  • Riley Spear

    Dr. Karnam is absolutely amazing! He listened carefully and thoroughly to my wife's symptoms and concerns before formulating an opinion. His diagnoses have been extremely helpful to better understanding a pain my wife has had for the past 3 years. He is willing to think outside the norms and helps us as people, not as patients. Great man. The only reason I gave him 4 stars instead of 5 is we have not had my wife's prescriptions called into our pharmacy and have had to remind the Nurse Practitioner. Sadly this has caused my wife considerable pain as we have waited for these prescriptions. I highly recommend him, just keep on top of the prescriptions. (https://plus.google.com/101096615764483683089/about?gl=US&hl=en-US)

    Riley Spear, Patient's Family