Letters from Patients

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  • (July 27, 2020) Dr. Karnam & Staff, I need to thank you for all of your help. The very first appointment Emily gave me hope that my health issues could be resolved. She scheduled me for an endoscopy both ends with Dr. Karnam. The procedure revealed a cancerous mass. Dr. Karnam had me scheduled with a specialist before I woke up. The communication between Dr.Singh and Dr. Karnam was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Anything I told to one doctor was told to both, so I wasn't repeating anything. With each new referral Dr. Karnam would tell me to call his cell if I didn't hear from the referred Doctor by a certain time. Dr. Karnam is so kind, he listens to every concern, he is thoughtful in his responses. He only works with the best doctors, who are equally amazing in their bedside manner and attention to detail. Dr. Karnam saved my life and, improved the quality of it. He's amazing.

    E. Duley,

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    (Dec 19, 2018)

    I have had the honor of being a patient of Dr. Karnam for several years now. When no one else could accurately diagnose my intestinal challenges, I turned to Dr. Karnam. Not only did he identify the paramount issue in a timely fashion, he took the time to explain in detail, the facts surrounding the same.

    I can’t recommend him enough for anyone with chronic intestinal issues.

    T. Wyant

    T. Wyant, Patient

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    Dear Dr. Karnam & staff,

    I cannot say enough about the fine service I have received from you all! From your professional handling of my malady after "just dealing with it" for over a year before I discovered you, to the incredible handling of my appointments on the same day (tests and referrals), knowing I travel some five hours to see you. "Uma," as he likes to be called, not only listens well, but has the ability to sift through the chaff to get to the heart of the problem. That is appreciated by me and my family. You have been a true wonder for me at a time where I was loosing hope.


    C. Clark

    C. Clark, Patient

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    May of 2015 I found out I had cancer.

    I had gone to the emergency room twice due to rectal bleeding. They kept telling me it was just hemorrhoids. The last time the ER Dr. called Dr. Karnam to have him confirm that the issuse was hemorrhoids.

    Dr. Karnam delayed his vacation and did a colonoscopy on me. While on vacation, he contacted the Lab for the results. When the lab results were positive, Dr Karnam proactively set the treatment program while still on vacation.

    In the following days I was receiving calls to make appointment for all types of tests, scans and a cancer specialists. The people doing the tests said Dr. Karnam would call every day until the tests were completed. During my cancer treatment Dr. Karnam constantly monitored my treatment progress by other medical professionals.

    Dr. Karnam never let me down. He saw that I was taken care of and got me the treatment I needed. He is a wonderful efficient, effective and caring medical professional.

    Wanda S., Patient

  • Riley Spear

    Dr. Karnam is absolutely amazing! He listened carefully and thoroughly to my wife's symptoms and concerns before formulating an opinion. His diagnoses have been extremely helpful to better understanding a pain my wife has had for the past 3 years. He is willing to think outside the norms and helps us as people, not as patients. Great man. The only reason I gave him 4 stars instead of 5 is we have not had my wife's prescriptions called into our pharmacy and have had to remind the Nurse Practitioner. Sadly this has caused my wife considerable pain as we have waited for these prescriptions. I highly recommend him, just keep on top of the prescriptions. (https://plus.google.com/101096615764483683089/about?gl=US&hl=en-US)

    Riley Spear, Patient's Family

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    I have been impressed with Dr. Karnam and feel he does care about me as a patient in the way he has handled my procedures and diagnoses. He has a great bedside manner and is overall a very kind, caring doctor. I would highly recommend him.

    Leeann, Patient

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    My husband and I both had good experiences with Dr. Karnam. He is very professional and had good assessment skills. He recommended follow-up for other problems. He has a good sense of humor to put you at ease. Highly recommended

    Mary Ann, Patient

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    By the time of the colonoscopy begins the worse is over. Dr. Karnam is great. Good sense of humor which is needed.

    Kathleen, Patient

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    You know you should get it done (colonscopy), and Dr Karman is the doctor to do it. My wife and I both had great experiences with him.

    Dave Abbott, Patient

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    Dr. Karnam diagnosed me with Celiac's after years of seeing regular doctors. I have since been to see him for followup. He is always intelligent and thorough, and is a wonderful and delightful human being.

    Valerie Hayes, Patient

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    Simply the best! Got me ready and fit to fight (I'm in the military). I recommend him to all and any with ulcerative colitis!

    Form-VII, Patient

  • Patient at Gut Whisperer, Center for Digestive Health

    Finding Dr. Karnum was like finding a hidden gem! He is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious. The care he has given me has been superior. I can't thank him enough for his professionalism, sensitivity and personal dedication for providing the finest possible care to me and his many other patients.

    Neill, Patient